Le Charcutier Aoun

Le Charcutier Aoun is part of the Green Business Initiative

Le Charcutier Aoun has become a part of the emerging corporate Green family of the Green Business Initiative.


Restoring the Lebanese woodland

Le Charcutier Aoun is participating in the restoration of the Lebanese woodland and contributing in increasing the forest area in Lebanon.



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Vision & Mission


Our Vision


A consumer goods leader


     From its confident past, Le Charcutier Aoun looks forward to a bright future, with possible diversification into subsidiary companies in fields like tourism and real estate. By adopting hypermarket tactics involving image and store size, Le Charcutier Aoun will not only survive in the face of new market players – it will continue to outperform them by ranking first in terms of sales and productivity. Le Charcutier Aoun believes in Lebanon and will continue to invest in it; the enterprise remains 100% Lebanese with no foreign joint venture. As such, by expanding into new and bigger locations across Lebanon and offering products and brands most in demand at consistently competitive prices, Le Charcutier Aoun will become a household name known to every family in the nation. Le Charcutier Aoun’s customer service ethic will continue to breed loyalty. Once a “Le Charcutier Aoun” customer, always a “Le Charcutier Aoun” customer - “Because our customer is a King”.


Our Mission


A larger Lebanese market share


     Le Charcutier Aoun’s mission is to be among Lebanon’s leading providers of products and services, catering to the largest target market throughout the country; to establish a track record of excellent service for its suppliers and customers; and to acquire a more prominent market position.


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